First, thank you for your kind trust in our company. Before start the introduction of the custom process in our company, I think it is necessary to let you know more about us.

5000+ successful custom doll clothes cases

— We have created various doll clothes for clients from global countries, they are from America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Japan, Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, France, Italy, Germany, UK, Switzerland, etc. The doll clothes types are different too, such as doll t-shirt, shirt, blouse, vest, coat, hoody, raincoat, jacket, belt, dress, skirt, tutu, pants, jeans, shorts, tights, underwear, diapers, pajamas, gown, costumes, sweaters, cape, scarf, hat, socks, stockings, etc.

Clothes makers are with over 18 years’ working experience

— Our clothes markers working in the doll toy industry since they are young, they have mature skills and a strong sense of responsibility. They helped me finished many extremely difficult cases and my clients were amazed at their skills.


100% confidentiality guaranteed

— You might be afraid that we will sell your designs to the third party, don’t worry. Since I work in this industry, all clients’ products are protected very well. Even if some of them fail to place the order finally, I will protect their privacy, which is my basic principle.

Ok, then let me introduce you the steps of customizing a new design of doll clothes in our company – Doll Toy Craft.

Step One: Your Idea or Concept 

It is important to know the ideas or concepts about the doll clothes you want to make first. For example, some clients want to make fashion designs, the others prefer collective types. A correct and clear direction is necessary to help us understand you better.

Step Two: Image Information or Samples

(1) Part of our customers will provide us pictures of the doll clothes they want to create based on. Please ensure the picture you provide is clear enough, not too vague. If we can’t see the details clearly, it will affect the final products.

About the image you provide, there is an important detail need to pay attention to. In order to avoid future copyright issues, we will need to know whether it is from another brand or not. If it is, we will suggest you to make the adjustment based on it.

(2) If you think a real sample helps us to know better about your requirements, this way works for our team too. After receiving the real sample you provide, we will discuss details, please let us know if you want to make any changes, such as color, material, structure, etc.

Step Three: Size Information  

This step is crucial in the whole process, we can’t start the custom work till we know the exact size.

If it is made for 18-inch American Girl Dolls, then don’t worry, we have an existing doll model. But if your doll measurement is different, we will require a complete doll body sample with head. As you know, a piece of doll clothes should fit the doll very well, then it looks correct.

Step Four: More Information

As some information can’t tell from the image you provide, so if you have some special requirements for some details, please inform us from the beginning to avoid any mistakes. For example:

1) Color

2) Fabric/material

3) Design adjustment, such as pocket, zipper, collar details, etc.

4) Test requirements

5) Quantity

6) Packing

We will have the discussion based on the information you provide, as doll clothes are small, so some of the details on adult clothing are difficult to display on the tiny size doll clothing. But We will give our suggestions.

Step Five: Sample preparation 

Our clothes maker will start making the first sample by using all the useful information above. We will choose suitable fabrics, select the right color, search for similar accessories on the opening market, etc. The time before the first sample comes out should be around 5-7 days.

If it is our busy season or there are many samples are waiting, the time will be a little longer, like 7-10 days.

Step Six: Confirmation of the sample 

When the first sample ready, we will send you clear pictures of it. Pictures of different angles available, we will also put on the doll sample and show you what it looks like on the doll body.

  • If the first sample looks correct and no need to make any adjustment. We will deliver it to you for quality checking. As for some of our clients, who cooperated with us for many years, they don’t need to see the real sample before place the order, this is mutual trust between us.
  • If the first sample is not perfect enough and needs to make some changes, please let us know. Then our team will adjust the sample based on your suggestions. When the second sample finishes, we will show you detailed sample pictures for confirming again. If the second sample works for you, then we will arrange the shipment.

Step Seven: Order Discussion

After you receive the real sample, your feedback is welcomed.

  • If you are satisfied with the real sample, then you can consult the order information with us. The production time depends on your order quantity and season, we will provide you exact information according to your case.
  • If there are small details need to change, we normally adjust it before the mass production start. We will not start production until you confirm. Meanwhile, we will have a Pre-production sample for reference, so you don’t need to worry that the goods you receive finally will be different.

Some other aspects you might have interest: 

Sample Fee 

About the sample fee, which is a basic sincerity of our cooperation, so it is based on mutual trust and respect.

  1. The Sample fee for different styles is different, especial for those with logo printing or pattern printings.
  1. The sample cost will be refunded once you place the order of mass production and meet with our minimum order quantity. So please don’t worry, this fee will back to your pocket finally.
  1. We will provide free-sample-making-services for our clients sometimes per year, our team will inform you of the privileged news.


About the fabrics, there are few ways to operate:

  1. For the sample stage, we tend to search for fabric on our local opening market here. If we fail to find exact type you want, we will show you pictures or deliver the fabric swatches for your reference. Then we finalize a workable material.
  2. If you need some special pattern and there is no possibility to get from the existing market, we will suggest you print. It will increase the cost a little, but this way is stable.
  3. Some clients prefer to post us the sample fabric they like, so after fabric arrived, we make the sample clothes via using those materials.

So, regarding the fabric, we will work out a solution based on your real situations.


Different markets have different test requirements, please let us know if you have any special demands.

  • Normally, the fabric is eco-friendly enough to pass the test. When we purchase the fabric, we will only buy from the factory who produces safety material too.
  • Some accessories like zippers, buttons are very difficult to pass the test. You can custom eco-friendly ones, but the minimum order quantity is very high, like 5000 pcs. For the sample stage, we will not suggest custom. And for mass production, if your quantity fails to reach that MOQ, we will suggest you change another accessory to replace.


This is a topic discussed frequently too, during the sample making process, it is not easy to determine which color to use. We will show pictures to our clients and then we have the discussion.

One important information we will need to get is the type of your doll. If your doll is a vinyl doll or injection doll, there is one important detail you can’t ignore. As dark-color-fabric is easy to fade on the plastic doll body, especially when your dolls need to display with doll clothes on it. Under the circumstances, we will suggest you use a lighter color if possible. Even for clothes we adult wear, they fade.

So what our company does for you is to avoid problems from the beginning, which is our responsibilities and profession.



As you know now, even for just a small piece of doll clothing, there are so many small details need to pay attention to. So to choose the right supplier is not always easy, there are many supplies who can provide you doll clothes worth $1, $2, you can imagine how much effort they pour into your project. We are not the best, but we will try to consider everything from your point of view.

A supplier in need is a supplier indeed. Please let me know if I can do something to help, even if you will not place your order in our company recently, we would love to serve you whenever you need. Contact us now!

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