For people who have shopping experience, you might have doubts when you found the same items or similar goods with a huge price difference.

Most people tend to choose lower-priced goods, which is normal in daily life. As international sales, these things happen every day, some people even think I AM CRAZY…

For the prices of goods, it consists of Cost, Value, taxes and other fees. Pricing rules in a different industry will be a little different.

  1. Cost: Due to economic development, labor costs in China increased a lot. Fewer experienced people are willing to do the sewing jobs. The raw material is only a small part of the cost, but all raw material we use is 100% Eco-friendly, except for metal. (PS: Custom Eco-friendly metal will be ok, but the minimum order quantity will be high) Some factories use Non-eco-friendly materials to make more money.
  2. Value: Brand value and service value. For a company with its own brand and patents, it will need more costs to support this part. For them, the brand is crucial, so quality will be high and stable, so not every factory can own a doll brand or other product brand. How do you know who has good service? How do you know who is reliable? How do you know who delivers on time and who delivers the right product? Clients discover this through the purchase process.

Some factories might not have Copyright and privacy consciousness, one of our competitors display my client’s design on their website for many years. Some factories copied our dolls with lower prices and lower quality, and clients received those a month later than expected as well. …

Below is what my client sent to me yesterday ((To take privacy into consideration, I have to hide the factory name, I hope you understand)

I ordered 500 dresses and 500 slips from XX and I have only received 100 of each and she will not talk to me.

I paid for 1000 pieces of clothing from xx and have only received a total of 200 and she says the other shipment is sent separately.

But she will not provide me with tracking information. So I do not really trust her. She says, your goods will ship the end of this week…says this for many, many weeks and they do not ship. She said she will give it to me tomorrow which was almost a week ago. She lies I think to just keep me hoping to give her time to finish up the order that is not finished when she said it was.

So I lose confidence. Then the dresses come different than the sample agreed upon…

I was shocked when I saw this news yesterday, this is not service, it is more like cheating.

One of my clients from Switzerland once delivered me a doll from a factory in Jiaxing, Zhen Jiang province in China. When I tend to replace the doll head as per request from my client, I found a rusty metal inside the doll… How could this be used? Dolls are for kids!

Some people want to save $0.5 or $1 from the beginning, but they lose a few thousand in the long run when they buy from cheap unreliable companies. Meanwhile, they spend more time checking and negotiating with them, the truth is they are in another country…

This is the nature of people: The prefer cheap things. I can understand business is difficult, but why not think in the long term?

Good quality items are always worth its price. Cheap price means people spend less time on it and use lower quality raw material. Of course the customer service doesn’t exist, and quality issues will never be responded to either.

I am sure everyone knows the difference of goods value $1,$10 and $100, why are you willing to buy 10 times of $1(using ten days only) instead of paying $10 once but using 10 months or ten years. Curious.

Think wise, make smart purchases, help yourself to survive. Business is not for one-day, but long term, be responsible for yourself and also for your clients, please don’t ruin their trust in you.