Every girl has a dream of being a princess, a pretty dressed doll or toy makes that dream possible. To protect your little princess, there is something we need to pay high attention to.


#1 Choose an eco-friendly doll or toy

When facing thousands of dolls or toys, different people have different options. But for parents, our first consideration is SAFETY. Because we know that these dolls will be friends of our little girls, they will play with them, sleep with them, so it should be eco-friendly.

A completed doll is made by different raw materials and parts, for dolls sold to a different market, the testing requirements are different. For example, the European market needs CE, EN-71/2/3 certification, US market requires CPSIA and ASTM F963 documents, etc.

During the course of various testing procedures, the product is assessed for e.g. its chemical, physical, and electrical properties. The toys are also risk-assessed for their flammability, hygienic properties, and electro-magnetic compatibility.

Mechanical/physical testing in accordance with EN 71 parts 1, 2, 8 and 14 and ASTM F 963

Tensile tests and stress test

Flammability tests

Noise level measurements

Electrical safety in accordance with EN 62115 and ASTM F 963

Chemical tests – AU in accordance with EN 71 parts 3, 4, 5, 7, 9-11, 12, REACH-VO, LFGB

Heavy metal content regulations

Plasticiser regulations


Organic chemical compounds and harmful substances

Hygienic testing – AU and microbiology


Risk assessment and safety evaluation

Testing of the electro-magnetic compatibility in accordance with directive 2014/30/EU

Testing of radio transmissions in accordance with RED directive 2014/53/EU

Type examination

So normally, before the doll owners sell their dolls, your local market will require them to do the test and prepare the safety documents. As toxic heavy metal elements like lead, mercury, cadmium are not good for children’s health, so parents should be very careful when purchase.


#2 Pay attention to any small parts on the doll or toy

As I worked in vinyl doll industry for many years, I saw various dolls samples and making ways, most of the company mark the choke warning on the packing bags, but that’s not enough.

Although tips provided, parents should be very careful while kids play their dolls or toys. Small parts like eyeballs, metal parts, buttons, zippers, cable Ties, hairband, desiccant are very dangerous. Kids are curious, so they might swallow small parts. At the meantime, their skin or body will get hurt easily if they touch some sharp things.

So what should parents do?

First, before providing kids with dolls or toys, you’d better check carefully by yourself. If you find some sharp accessories, I will suggest you remove them without hesitation.

Second, if there are some small parts on the doll toy bodies or packaging, please tell your children about its function and try to make sure they will not regard it as something to eat.

Third, please accompany them when they are playing dolls or toys. They will be happy to have your love and caring, and you are able to avoid any incidents during that process too, especially when your kids are still young.

There are many small tips about this topic, but I only choose the most two important points to share with all the parents. If you have any good suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave your kind comments below.

Have fun.